Modernisation TRANSIT 1

Modernisation of the metering systems TRANSIT 1 pipeline

Modernisation of the metering systems at GMS Isaccea and GMS Negru Voda  -  TRANSIT 1 pipeline -

Within the action plan aiming for the performance of the processes afferent to the Integrated Quality Environment Management System, The National Transmission Company TRANSGAZ through its TRANSIT Division, successfully completed the modernisation works at the Metering Stations along Transit 1 pipeline.

The investment aimed to upgrade the metering systems for the gas quantities transited from the Russian Federation to the Republic of Bulgaria, across the Romanian borders – between the Gas Metering Stations Isaccea and Negru Vodă.

Overview of Transit 1 metering system


The control room  

Metering lines

The implemented technical solutions pose the same metering accuracy for gas transmitted through Transit 1 system to Bulgaria, as the systems of the other transit lines at the metering stations Isaccea and Negru Vodă. 

Metering lines

The running tests as well as the commissioning were performed by the engineering company under tight supervision of the TRANSIT Division specialists and with the approval of the gas companies representatives from Russia and Bulgaria, meaning the Owner and the Beneficiary of the natural gas transmitted through the Romanian sector of the pipeline between the two modernised Metering Stations.

The control room placed over the metering lines