The information that a petition must contain, the possibilities for filing the petition, conditions of existence/wording of the petition


"In accordance with the provisions of art.7 of GO 27/2002, regarding the regulation of the activity of solving the petitions," the anonymous petitions or those in which the identification data of the petitioner have not been filled in are not considered and are classified, according to such ordinance".

By "identification of the natural person", the Civil Code (Title II, Chapter III, art. 82-103), establishes that the main means of identification of the natural person are: first and last name, domicile and marital status. These data are included in the identity card, except for the civil status data.

Under these conditions, only the name and/or e-mail address, which may belong to anyone, are not likely to meet the minimum legal requirements for identifying a person.

In the case of "identification of the legal person", the Civil Code (Title IV, Chapter IV, art. 225 - 231) states that it is mandatory to mention in all the documents emanating from the legal person, regardless of form, the name and headquarters, as well as the other identification attributes provided by law. 

Regarding the obligation to sign the petition, this obligation resides in the provisions of the Constitution of Romania, which at art.51 states that "Citizens have the right to address the public authorities through petitions formulated only on behalf of the signatories".

Moreover, in accordance with the provisions of art.1 of GO 27/2002 "The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate the exercise of the right of citizens to address to the authorities and public institutions the petitions made in their own behalf".

Petitions can be signed both in handwriting and can be communicated personally, by post or fax, as well as electronically, provided that the provisions of Law 455/2001 regarding electronic signature are complied with, and in the latter case, petitions can also be communicated by e-mail".


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