Emergency mechanisms

The emergency mechanisms are based upon the following legal provisions:

  • Regulation (EU) no. 994/2010 on 20 October 2010 regarding the methods to ensure security of natural gas supply and abrogation of the Directive  2004/67/EC of the European Council (J.O.U.E. no. L 295/1/12.11.2010);
  • Law no. 346/2007 on the methods to ensure security of natural gas supply (M. Of. no. 838/07.12.2007);

and are described in the valid Action Plan for emergency situations set for every gas year, as follows:

  • Gas year 2009-2010: GD. no. 1.523/02.12.2009 published in the O. G no.895/22.12.2009;(available only in Romanian language);
  • Gas year 2010-2011: GD. no. 1.365/23.12.2010 published in the O. G no.63/25.01.2011 (available only in Romanian language)

Reports on findings made by the Coordinating Committee as a result of monitoring the security of natural gas supply aspects in the period:

  • July 2008-July 2009: Reports Nr.1 / 05.08.2009 published in 580 / 20.08.2009 (available only in Romanian language);
  • July 2009-July 2010: Reports Nr.2 / 06.06.2010 published in M.Of. nr. 523 / 27.07.2010 (available only in Romanian language);
  • October 2010-March 2011: Reports Nr.3 /13.10.2011 published in M.Of. nr. 752/26.10.2011 (available only in Romanian language);